Plastic0Pyr is already a part of the Marine Debris Tracker app

The development of a data-collection app is one of the activities included in Action 3. This application focused on citizen-science is a tool that will allow the citizenship to cooperate on our study on the impact of plastics in high mountain systems. We expect to enrich the project with more data, as well as toContinue reading “Plastic0Pyr is already a part of the Marine Debris Tracker app”

Plastic0Pyr wishes you happy and plastic-free holidays

We are still analyzing the data found in our first sampling campaign, which finished this fall, but we have already been able to study and share some results. At the end of November, for example, we explained which zones have the highest plastic concentration, and which the surface covered by this material is the biggest,Continue reading “Plastic0Pyr wishes you happy and plastic-free holidays”

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